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  1. Historical studies of social progress (ISSN: 2411-5177)

    Publisher: Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University

  2. Oxford Academic Studies Journal (ISSN: 1465-2382)

    Publisher: Oxford Academic Studies Press (OASP)

  3. Academic Journal of Surgery (ISSN: 2423-320X)

    Publisher: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

  4. Journal of Sports Sciences (ISSN: 2074-6032)

    Publisher: Dr.Sinan Abbas Ali

  5. Emergent Life Sciences Research (ISSN: 2395-664X)

    Publisher: ELSR

  6. Marketing from Information to Decision (ISSN: 2067-0338)

    Publisher: Risoprint Cluj-Napoca

  7. Virgil Madgearu Review of Economic Studies and Research (ISSN: 2069-0606)

    Publisher: Alma Mater Cluj-Napoca

  8. Amfiteatru Economic (ISSN: 1582-9146)

    Publisher: ASE Publishing House

  9. Asian Journal of Advances in Basic and Applied Science (ISSN: 2454-2849)

    Publisher: FOPRAS

  10. International Journal of Engineering and Techniques (ISSN: 2395-1303)

    Publisher: International Research Group