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    Publisher: Elsevier

  2. Voprosy kiberbezopasnosti / Cybersecurity issues (ISSN: 2311-3456)

    Publisher: Echelon

  3. International Journal of Drug Regulatory Affairs (ISSN: 2321-6794)

    Publisher: IJDRA Publishing group

  4. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research (ISSN: 2311-7710)

    Publisher: Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh - BDvetNET

  5. IEEE Technology and Engineering Education (ITEE) (ISSN: 1558-7908)

    Publisher: IEEE Education Society Student Activities Committee

  6. International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews (IJARR) (ISSN: 2360-7971)

    Publisher: Spring Journals

  7. The Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural (JAEER) (ISSN: 2360-798X)

    Publisher: Spring Journals

  8. Agriculture & Food (ISSN: 1314-8591)

    Publisher: EBSCO Publishing

  9. Media & Mass Communication (ISSN: 1314-8028)

    Publisher: EBSCO Publishing

  10. Materials, Methods & Technologies (ISSN: 1313-2539)

    Publisher: EBSCO Publishing